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We manufacture sheet metal cladding for almost everything for the insulation trade.


Pipework, Elbows, Bends, Tees, Sets,

Boxes, Flanges, Valves, Square, Cheese, All shapes.

Seamed by lockform (normal UK), Box Swaged (as is used standard throughout Europe) and snap lock as the majority of actual ducting is put together now.

Ductwork cladding, Square, Round, Flat Oval,

Tanks, Round, Square, Flat or Domed Ends, or just with a rise.

We can manufacture Flats & Trays, Lockformed, or snap locked, We work from coil so are not restricted to sheet sizes but by 1mtr wide and we have supplied circular ducting up to 7mtr circumference in one piece on Aluminium so only one joint to fasten on site.

We try to carry approximately 5000 items in stock of 0.6 Stucco Aluminium fittings of Elbows, Sets, and Tees plus straight casing to enable a very quick service for standard items.

Materials normally in stock.

0.6 Aluminium Plain and Stucco

0.7 Aluminium Plain and Stucco

0.9 Aluminium Plain and Stucco

0.6 Galvanised

0.7 Galvanised

0.9 Galvanised

0.5 Aluzinc Flat, Stucco (Dobelshield), Reeded (Petrochem ZX)

0.6 Aluzinc Flat

0.7 Aluzinc Flat

0.9 Aluzinc Flat

0.5 Stainless Steel 304 BA and 2B

0.7 White Acrylic Aluminium

0.5 Goosewing Grey Plastisol

0.5 Black Plastisol

If we have not got the materials needed in stock we can normally get them within a few days.

Most items are cut directly from coil (straight Pipes) and fittings cut by Mabi machines or plasma not hand cut pneumatic punched power rolled and power swaged on Mabi swagers.

We also stock Rivets, Riveters, self tapping screws, self drilling screws and low modular silicone sealer.


Our products can be seen all over, including most major airports and shopping centres, the 02 arena, we supplied most of the cladding for the 2012 London Olympics, we have also supplied material for Windsor Castle. 

Example of snaplock
example of pittsburgh lockform
Example of box swage

Here is a small gallery of some of our products. However, we do also make bespoke items so feel free to contact us. 

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